descriptionCustom firmware for Decathlon Kalenji OnMove 220 and OnMove 500 GPS watches.
ownerTilman Sauerbeck
last changeSun, 13 Sep 2020 10:44:22 +0000 (12:44 +0200)
2020-09-13 Tilman SauerbeckAdd README. master
2020-09-13 Tilman Sauerbeckbuild: Generate gps-watch-bootloader-intermediate.frm.
2020-09-13 Tilman SauerbeckAdd LICENSE.
2020-09-06 Tilman Sauerbeckapplication: Store pace in the model and show it in...
2020-09-06 Tilman Sauerbeckcommon: Make Logger calculate and publish pace.
2020-09-06 Tilman Sauerbeckcommon: Add beginnings of tests for the fmt module.
2020-09-06 Tilman Sauerbeckcommon: Use the correct magic number in Fixed15_49...
2020-03-28 Tilman Sauerbeckapplication: Only reset the model when starting a new...
2020-03-28 Tilman Sauerbeckapplication: Use the previous/next buttons to cycle...
2020-03-28 Tilman Sauerbeckapplication: Introduce data model struct and view structs.
2020-03-28 Tilman Sauerbeckcommon: Store distance travelled in Logger instance.
2020-03-22 Tilman Sauerbeckapplication: Fix indentation broken by previous changeset.
2020-03-22 Tilman Sauerbeckapplication: Use the Button struct to handle the play...
2020-03-22 Tilman Sauerbeckapplication: Add the button module.
2020-02-18 Tilman Sauerbeckbuild: Adjustments for scons running in Python 3.
2020-02-18 Tilman Sauerbeckcommon: Implement the "rm" shell command.
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