2006-10-01 Tilman SauerbeckShip a ChangeLog generated from "git log". master
2006-04-08 Tilman SauerbeckFixed propdict handling for DrEvil.
2006-04-07 Tilman SauerbeckBumped version number to 0.0.2. snett-0.0.2
2006-04-07 Tilman SauerbeckExit when the connection to the daemon is lost.
2006-03-12 Tilman SauerbeckPopup the menu in the button_press_event handler.
2006-03-12 Tilman SauerbeckListen for MenuItems 'activate' signal rather than...
2006-03-11 Tilman SauerbeckPut the playlist treeview in a ScrolledWindow.
2006-03-11 Tilman SauerbeckUpdated for xmmsclient Ruby binding updates.
2006-03-11 Tilman SauerbeckInitial commit. snett-0.0.1