2007-04-08 Tilman SauerbeckFixed RDoc title. master
2007-04-08 Tilman SauerbeckAdded .configure_state.yaml to .gitignore.
2007-04-05 Tilman SauerbeckUse a configure task and an extension task to build...
2007-04-05 Tilman SauerbeckAdded a publish task.
2007-04-05 Tilman SauerbeckUpdated README wrt documentation and other stuff.
2007-04-05 Tilman SauerbeckUse RDoc for README.
2007-04-05 Tilman SauerbeckAdded an RDoc task.
2007-04-05 Tilman SauerbeckAdded .gitignore.
2007-04-05 Tilman SauerbeckRemoved ChangeLog and NEWS.
2007-04-05 Tilman SauerbeckRemoved RCS-style IDs.
2007-03-24 Tilman SauerbeckUse const char* for string literals.
2006-07-23 Andrew SevcsikReturn the proper width in Edje::Part#geometry.
2006-02-25 Tilman SauerbeckCreate target directory if it doesn't exist yet.
2006-02-10 Tilman SauerbeckClass instantiation fixes.
2005-05-08 Tilman SauerbeckEdje module functions: make sure that edje is initialized.
2005-05-07 Tilman SauerbeckAdded support for RUBYARCHDIR.
2005-05-02 Tilman SauerbeckAdded Edje.new_from_pointer.
2005-04-28 Tilman SauerbeckSet len.
2005-04-28 Tilman SauerbeckCleanup.
2005-04-28 Tilman SauerbeckTweaked argument handling in Message#initialize.
2005-04-28 Tilman SauerbeckAdded support for set message types.
2005-04-28 Tilman SauerbeckDuck-typify message handling.
2005-04-28 Tilman SauerbeckCleanup.
2005-04-28 Tilman SauerbeckInclude the part name in the unknown-part-name exception.
2005-04-27 Tilman SauerbeckReworked the build system.
2005-03-23 Tilman SauerbeckInitialize parts and callbacks hashes on first usage.
2005-03-15 Tilman SauerbeckFixed a memleak.
2005-03-15 Tilman SauerbeckImplemented Edje.collections.
2005-02-11 Tilman SauerbeckImplemented Edje::Part#state.
2004-12-09 Brian MatternAdded Edje::IntMessage and Edje::FloatMessage.
2004-10-30 Tilman SauerbeckImplemented Edje#send_message.
2004-10-22 Tilman SauerbeckImplemented Edje#data.
2004-10-18 Tilman SauerbeckLink to the correct ruby shared object.
2004-10-10 Tilman SauerbeckFixed Part#get_drag_value.
2004-08-23 Tilman SauerbeckMade the src argument of Edje#signal_emit optional.
2004-08-16 Tilman SauerbeckLook for the directory where lives.
2004-08-16 Tilman SauerbeckUse TO_EVAS_OBJECT. Mark the swallowed object.
2004-08-12 Tilman SauerbeckMinor doc improvements.
2004-08-10 Tilman SauerbeckDocumentation arrived.
2004-08-01 Tilman SauerbeckWe now use real structs to wrap objects.
2004-07-31 Tilman SauerbeckReworked the call system.
2004-07-26 Tilman SauerbeckAdded Part object.
2004-07-25 Tilman SauerbeckMacro tweaks.
2004-07-10 Tilman SauerbeckMacro updates.
2004-07-08 Tilman Sauerbeckedje_init() and edje_shutdown() aren't exported anymore.
2004-06-26 Tilman SauerbeckNo need to use a global variable for the Ruby class.
2004-06-25 Tilman SauerbeckImplemented 'on_signal'.
2004-06-22 Tilman SauerbeckImplemented more functions/properties.
2004-06-22 Tilman SauerbeckAdded wrappers for some functions.
2004-06-20 Tilman SauerbeckOops, STR2CSTR is obsolete, use StringValuePtr() instead.
2004-06-19 Tilman SauerbeckAdded keywords.
2004-06-19 Tilman Sauerbecksvn links.
2004-06-19 Tilman SauerbeckInitial commit.