Properly handle decoder errors
[pulseview.git] / .gitignore
2017-11-18 Philipp Marek.gitignore: Don't care about the doxygen-generated...
2015-07-25 Daniel Elstnerbuild: Derive PulseView version from git tags
2014-12-03 Joel Holdsworth.gitignore: Added .ninja_deps
2014-11-13 Peter Zotov.gitignore: Ignore QtCreator generated files.
2014-11-13 Joel Holdsworth.gitignore: Ignore vim .swo files
2014-08-27 Uwe HermannOnly use one central .gitignore file.
2014-08-26 Marcus ComstedtCMakeLists.txt: For Android, make a library out of...
2014-07-14 Bert VermeulenIgnore *.cpp_parameters.
2014-06-10 Bert VermeulenIgnore Qt5-generated moc and qrc files.
2014-06-05 Joel Holdsworth.gitignore: Added new Qt compiler intermediate
2013-11-30 Joel HoldsworthAdded .gitignore rules for ninja-build files, and Vim...
2013-09-03 Joel HoldsworthAdded .gitignore rules for cotire
2013-02-20 Uwe Hermann.gitignore: Add missing CPack files.
2012-10-13 Joel HoldsworthAdded config.h to .gitignore
2012-09-07 Joel HoldsworthAdded backup files to git ignore list
2012-09-03 Joel HoldsworthRenamed sigrok-qt2 to PulseView
2012-09-03 Joel HoldsworthAdded empty unit testing framework
2012-09-03 Joel HoldsworthAdded a .gitignore file